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Tipp10 Reviews

Tipp10 Media Reviews

Test winner of "Stiftung Warentest" (10 typing tutorials compared)
"Expensive tutorial programs lag, the test winner is free."
"Tipp10 is probably the best free program for perfecting your touch typing"
"The no-frills lesson structure is comfortable to use"
c't 2/08 and c‘t Special 1/09 "Software for Kids"
"Tipp10 is certainly one of the best typing tutors"
"Software tip of the day and top 250 Downloads"
"Tipp10 is an excellent typing tutor – its user interface and logical construction is very convincing."
"A real download tip!"
"Tipp10 is without a doubt one of the top ten typing tutors"
"Tipp10 gives you a very effective way to learn touch typing."

User reviews

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I must say one of the best software around. My 5 year old is using this extensively after he started with TuxTyping and types the sentences quite decently already. For me, developer by profession this software enabled me to re-learn typing on 44 key keyboard, so within a week I am already confident enough to use it to at least write the emails and comments :) Great for training and monitoring the progress. It would be great to have source code on GitHub.
Letme am 27.06.2021
I am so happy with this little gem. Simple, effective and works flawlessly. Linux user.
ANH am 18.11.2019
Hi Tipp10 is a great program to learn how to type. I have previously tried 4 other programs (and browser apps), before I tried Tipp10. Tipp10 is by far the best program. It works perfectly; easy to use and there are no adds. Great
Gustav Marqvardsen am 10.09.2019
How I can work with Comfort Typing Program? please help me . I want to say in farsi and Comfort Typing Program type farsi for me . thank you.
F.Famoor am 10.06.2019
It's the wonderful challenge on typing program! Based on multilingual keyboards and various platforms, users can make what they want to do in the program. Thank you. PS: I post one suggestion. Have you seen about korean language?
Alexander am 16.10.2017
A great software to learn how to type properly. I found only one thing to criticize : In the formula used to calculate the number of points you should give a greater value to a larger amount of time of the exercise because the concentration decreases. For example a multiplication between minutes and k = 1.1.
learningstuff am 29.01.2016
Thank you, for such programm. I have used almost all typing tutors online and desktop versions. And find Tipp10 standing-out of the crowd as a very good typing tutor.
Marius am 16.04.2014
Hello Tom, I had learned typing with your great software in 2006 (version 1.0.0). Thank you so much for writing it - and donating it to humanity by releasing it under the Free Software License "GNU General Public License (GPL)". Occasionally I return to your website, especially when I am recommending your software to friends & family. I am always very delighted when I see, how much your software and website improve over time and I wish you all the best for this wonderful project! Of course I have supported your effort by (repeatedly) donating money to your project, too. Being an advocate of Free Software, I have a suggestion: You have released Tipp10 under the GPL, which is a wonderful thing - but this nice fact is only mentioned deep inside your website at one quite hidden spot, which is not found easily. At the main page you just mention "gratis", i.e. zero price. This is a petty, because being Free Software is so much more than just being ordinary Freeware. You do not just ask for no money, but you have released your code to humanity to freely use, study, change and share your software. It is a statement of major importance for society and a real plus for your software. So my suggestion is: Please inform your audience about this nice thing in a more prominent fashion on your website, e.g. right on the main page. You can use the logo of GPL for that, too, which you will find here: This way you do not only do good to Tipp10 by advertising that it has the best of all licences, but also advertise for the GPL itself and make people aware of Free Software and the Free Software Movement, that might not (yet) be aware of it. Thank you so much for Tipp10! Tom
Tom am 07.06.2013
An refreshingly polished piece of software. Very easy to use for regular practice and has a number of lessons to go through-- like a school course. With the stats to look at and confirm your suspicions about what you need work on, it really is a great little program that does one thing and does it well.
ro am 05.01.2013
Great software. I've been using this for a year, and my typing has improved massively. The ability to create your own lessons by importing text is excellent.
Andy am 08.10.2012
Excellent application! I'm finally learning to type correctly, after having basically given up on it since elementary school. I enjoy that even at the lowest levels, this app still uses actual words that make sense. I was getting tired of typing, "dfdf kjkj fd fd jk jk fj dk sl a;" in other applications.
Dave am 21.06.2012
Excellent application! I'm finally learning to type correctly, after having basically given up on it since elementary school. I enjoy that even at the lowest levels, this app still uses actual words that make sense. I was getting tired of typing, "dfdf kjkj fd fd jk jk fj dk sl a;" in other applications.
Dave am 21.06.2012
Nice cool app really!!! I use it on Linux and works well, it has greatly improved my skills. Thanx a lot to the dev team......
Riverloop am 12.06.2012
It's a cool little app. Would be nice to have a word-count indicator (during and after the lesson) as that is the standard metric in assessing typing speed. It shouldn't be to hard to display this word count per minute = (words typed / time elapsed in seconds) * 60
Paul am 10.03.2012
A very very very good app i learn typing on it i love it
Azhar qadari am 15.12.2011
It's the best typing tutor available on the net and the most important thing is that it's FREE The structure designed by the developers is faboulous. It talks with user.
Aman Gupta am 08.11.2011
I think this is the best typing tutor available. I started learning typing using this. It is fun and works very well!
Amar am 19.10.2011
Nice program I really like it, easy to use makes learning to type fun.
abiss27 am 05.08.2011
It is a fabulous software, which is available for all the three major platforms. It even beats the so called typing software - TypingMaster Pro. It has a very clean interface and is easy to use, the practice lessons are great!! I really thanks the developer for creating such a nice piece of software...
Vikesh am 24.07.2011
Tipp 10 is very easy to undertand and to install. I think the steps are in a good stucture.
Shin am 07.06.2011
Fantastic program!!! Great way to improve on my typing speed and revision as well.... A huge thank you from Australia...Down Under...
Lily T am 20.04.2011
Tipp10 is an excellent program. Thank you very much.
Nick am 01.04.2011