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News and Changelog

Onlineversion 1.0.0 | May 7, 2013

TIPP10 is now also available in the Chrome Web Store!
TIPP10 - Google Chrome Web Store

Onlineversion 1.0.0 | Dec 29, 2012

With the new online version of TIPP10 you can practice and learn the ten-finger system directly in your browser! And just as easily and efficiently as with our software version. We’ve made sure of that. And of course the online version is also completely free of charge!
In order to use TIPP10 Online simply register free of charge at:
Since the first release of TIPP10 six years ago for Windows, Mac OS and Linux a lot has changed. We’ve invested lots of work and time in TIPP10 in order to develop on from the initial idea of creating an intelligent dictation system into a comprehensive 10-finger touch typing tutor that can stand out from comparable software.
The work was worth it:
The free and cross-platform open-source software TIPP10 has spread quickly and has already registered more than 2 million downloads. User feedback has been consistently positive and TIPP10 is now being used successfully in many schools and universities. In November 2011 TIPP10 was rated best in tests by Stiftung Warentest (a well-known German test institute). The fact that TIPP10 managed to win out over all the commercial products is a great motivation for us. We want to make working at the computer easier and more efficient for as many people as possible. With our new online version we are taking a further step in that direction.
Finally we’d like to thank the 1646 people who donated money to TIPP10, the 150 beta-testers who tested TIPP10 Online for us before hand, and all the other users who have supported us with feedback and suggestions.
We wish you lots of fun with TIPP10!

General | Mar 23, 2012

TIPP10 was downloaded more than 2 million times! The number of downloads increased every year since the publication of the software in June, 2006.

General | Oct 27, 2011

Winner in German test magazine "Stiftung Warentest"! In the new special edition "Spezial Karriere 2012", TIPP10 software is not only free, but also beats all 9 other typing tutorials.
  • "Expensive tutorial programs lag, the test winner is free."
  • "Only TIPP10 is very user-friendly."
  • "Because its teaching method is also good, TIPP10 wins in the end."
  • "Our advice: the best tutorial program is TIPP10 which is free."

General | Oct 1, 2011

We are planning an online version of our successful typing software, TIPP10. This version will have the same great features as the software version and can be used in any browser without installation. Because TIPP10 will be based on Javascript, there will be no need for plugins or Flash.

Software Version 2.1.0 | Mar 10, 2011

Our first English version of the touch typing tutor TIPP10 is now available for download. TIPP10 is free open source software for Windows, Mac OS und Linux. TIPP10 is very popular in Germany and was downloaded more than 1 million times.
The new version 2.1.0 has more than 50 new features and improvements. Thanks to the users' donations we were able to translate the software, lessons, manual and website by professional translators.
Some of the greatest improvements are:
- User interface, lessons and manual in English language
- German training lessons for the NEO 2.0 keyboard layout
- ABC game
- Metronome
- New statistic: Error rates of the fingers
- Color settings for the ticker
- New open lessons
- Revised lessons and improved intelligence
Please find the complete list of new features on the German website:

Website | Mar 1, 2011

The website is now available in English and we moved to This was an important step before we are going to publish the English version of the TIPP10 software on March 10, 2011.
Previous change log entries are available on the German website.